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Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Weve been doing alot of this lately.... although this pic was taken last year.... the kids have loved playing in the rain and its fun to watch them to... :)

And since its personal Friday... Im just going to be a bit honest about myself for a minute.... Im feeling a good bit burnt out lately, so I think Im going to back off blogging to just 2-3 times a week - its hard paying money for a blog and website when it feels like no one is looking at it, so Im starting to reevaluate if I need them or not.  My spirit has been hurt alot lately with people telling me that they love my work, but then hiring another photographer.  I am wondering if I have what it takes to stay in this "business" any more.  I will still be doing all my creative work because I love that, I just dont know how many more "sessions" I will be doing.

Maybe I just need a break.... Id love to hear your thoughts.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dana & Brian - Columbus MS Photographer

I love being a photographer in a base town because it means I get the chance to work with some incredible people - people who are creative and funny and know what they want.  Brian is stationed at the Columbus AFB, so Dana flew in to celebrate their first anniversary with him - how sweet is that?!  They definitley wanted a location that said "Mississippi" so I think we brought that to life with the gorgeous greenery, the quiet pond and all the fun that can come with a little bit of "country living"
And check out the amazing styling that Dana did with the outfits too...

Yep, pure fun and pretty... I had such a great time on this shoot and I hope I get to continue working with all the base families and couples... :)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Just a quick sneak peek of what we did last 4th of July... we had friends over, ate watermelon and watched fireworks... we did alot of the same this year.... Hope yall had a great 4th of July this year and you continue the goodness on into the weekend... :)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday: Columbus MS Photographer

(love this one from Katelyn and Wayne's engagement session)

Ok, back to some modeling tips for all you out there wanting to learn how to model... :)

Today is all about bringing someone with you... should you, shouldnt you?

If you are meeting your photographer for the first time to discuss shoot ideas and such, then yes, bring a friend and meet in a public place... its always a good idea to be careful when you are meeting someone you dont know for the first time.  Meeting with them first will give you a good idea if your personalities mesh if you would be a good fit working together. 

If you are meeting your photographer for the first time right before you shoot (maybe if you dont live close to each other), then its ok to bring someone with you, but you should let the photographer know before hand so they can be prepared. 

You should never really bring a person with you to a shoot - its very distractful, for you and the photographer... if you dont feel safe with the photographer, then you shouldnt work with them.... but if it is necessary to bring someone, then make sure they know how to act once the shoot starts - even if you are a great model that the photographer loves, they may not hire you again if they think there is a chance you might bring the same person with you to ruin the shoot.

So how should an escort act when on a shoot?  They should stand back... or even better - walk around/away from the shoot.... stay out of the background, be quiet, dont eat or chew gum, dont talk, dont interfere in any way or make suggestions to the photographer.... and under no circumstances, should they pull out a phone and start taking pictures of the shoot - that will pretty much end the shoot right then and there.

Again, its all about respect.  The photographer usually has taken alot of time and effort to set up a shoot and they know what they want.  It becomes a problem when you have an outsider offering suggestions that dont fit in with what the photographer wants, or the photographer is having to ask them to stop talking or get out of the shot - thats a huge timewaster.... and will definitely hurt any chances of you working with the photographer again.

Id love to answer any questions you might have... feel free to comment!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Megan and Christian, the wedding: Reception - Columbus MS and Pensacola FL photographer

And it all comes to an end with a huge party... and yeah, those navy boys know how to party.... :)  
DJ Ed Spencer of First Day Entertainment rocking out the introductions!

Cutting the cake with the sword!!!

John (the best man) and Kat (the maid of honor) were pros at the wedding toasting!

After dinner, we got to the fun part... Ed told Megan and Christian's love story and it was incredibly sweet and led to many happy tears and laughter... :)

And then came the dancing.... :)

Ha - love the look on every single girl's face getting ready for that bouquet!

And to end the night, the guys recreated the scene from Top Gun.... yeah, it was amazing!

Megan and Christian, I am forever in your debt for getting to be the one who got to capture all these memories for you... yall are amazing, and have some amazing family and friends, and I am so in love with you both - I wish you much, much happiness in your life together!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday... :)

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