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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Link Love Thursday

I love silhouettes... this is Brooke and Brian walking into the reception for the first time.

Its Link Love Thursday.... and Ive got some extra special goodness for you.... especially for all you who think you dont need to hire a professional photographer... see what you think after you click on the links.... but I threw some other good stuff in there too... happy reading!

why you should hire a professional wedding photogragrapher…. A MUST READ for all getting married!  Your memories are not worth losing for saving a few bucks.... please pass along to anyone getting married as well!  This is so, so important! 

why is good photography so expensive

why hire a professional photographer when your friend can do it for free?

senior girls – why not split the cost of a session… gorgeous!

Check out this amazing butterfly wedding dress!

Gorgeous grey wedding dress!

DIY hand drawn monogram bags… such a cute idea

free photo save the date cards

Im seriously kind of in love with these duvet covers… the octopus and birds in particular

DIY friendship heart bracelet

a study of butterfly wings… fascinating

Oh, I am dying over the Valentino spring 2013 collection… rarely do I like a whole collection, but this is it

a good deed for the cost of a stamp…

a really good letter to the church

another really good question for the church

Ok, Im out for today... cant believe its Thursday already and the last day of January... crazy!!!  I hope 2013 is amazing for you!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emma - 6 year old pics - Columbus MS Photographer

So here is my muse - my daughter, Emma.... she just turned 6 not too long ago and I knew I wanted some pictures of her that really reflect her at this age... I never want to forget it.  I about had to fight her to get her in that dress, but afterwards, she didnt want to take it off...

These last 3 pictures absolutely slay me.... I cant believe how beautiful she is.

Ok, I think that is finally the last bit of 2012... whew.... Im changing up my format a little bit for 2013 and making it more about myself and less about others.  I really want to spend this year working on the things that I love and making some real magic... I cant wait to see what this year brings about.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Personal Friday

Happy Friday... and Happy weekend!

Dont forget about the casting call... Ive received quite a few submissions and will close it soon.... :)

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus MS Photographer

One of Emma's 4 year old pics, 2010

Alright... its Link Love day... and I have some fun stuff today so you definitely dont want to skip any links... :)

Friday the 13th wedding…. Love the black and white dress

goth wedding… so in love with that purple dress and the oxytocin necklace – I die!

in love with this spiral wedding aisle and purple headpiece… but gotta admit that it would be a bit of a photographic nightmare

I adore this ceremony backdrop

super gorgeous red wedding dress

how to do a messy updo

something blue for your wedding

the dress is stunning, but it’s the cake stand holder that is going to blow your mind

A styled lookbook based on Clueless… love!

an office made totally out of paper!

I am absolutely so in love with these melting flowers…. I want for my walls ASAP

melting birds are cool too

gorgeous family photo session

cute C-3PO costume

this mansion is the coolest… I absolutely want those deer in my house!!!

Im so in love with Tim Walker as a photographer it isn’t even funny

the sort of post I wanted to write with our last adoption but wasn’t brave enough to

Ive printed out this cini-mini recipe to try soon

Darth Vader and Son… thinking this is the perfect gift for almost every guy in your life

gorgeous masks

rain room… cool

a 5 star hotel on a boat… way, way better than you are picturing in your head

pumpkin marshmallow pie!!!!

check out that amazing paper castle

in love with these chickens!

if this doesn’t make you cry, let me know….

Ok, hope yall all enjoyed... dont forget about the casting call and the dress rentals... yall rock!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Formal and wedding dress rentals - Columbus MS Photographer

I just wanted to remind you that I do rent out formals and wedding dresses.... Ive put most of them online, but I still have a few left to photograph.... and all the money is going towards our adoption.... so besides not having to spend $200+ on a formal dress (or more on a wedding dress!) you will wear once and then have to worry about selling, you can feel good about where the money is going as well

The formals can be seen here - the sizes are posted below each pic (and they look way better on a real person rather than a mannequin!)

The wedding dresses can be seen here.... I do have some dresses with color that I havent had a chance to photograph yet, and I also have some gorgeous vintage dresses, as well as some modern dresses like the one below.... and you may recognize this dress from the Cinderella shoot - it is so stunning in person.

Also, Im still doing an open casting call for a girl between 11-14 and wears a size 0-2.... email me at addietalley@mail.com

Also email me about the dresses as well... and feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks so much!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wallace - 8 year old pics - Columbus Ms Photographer

This is my son Wallace... he just turned 8... we adopted him from Hong Kong in 2010 (we are adopting again and you can follow that process at www.blessedimpatience.blogspot.com) He does have down syndrome, but we rarely notice it anymore.  He has so much fun and has such a sweet personality... and boy is he a ham - I think you can tell a bit from the pictures.... he loves to put on what we have termed "the wallace show".... he does have a stubborn streak and can test your patience, but he is mostly alot of fun to have around.... and I love being his mom.... :)

Ill try to get Emma's pics up tomorrow... :)

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And dont forget that I rent out formals and wedding dresses... and all the money is going towards our current adoption!  Thanks!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Sorry Im so late in posting today... blogger drives me crazy some days.... but hey, at least I finally one and got the pictures up...  these are from Emma's 3 year old picture session.... and you never would have guessed the location would be this pretty just looking at it - its an abandoned lot that is on the side of a road, but I saw that fallen tree and knew that I could work the angles to make it look like I wanted... Normally, Im not a huge fan of light colored clothing, but that green dress just worked in this setting where everything else was all dark... and the bottom pic makes me smile every time.... Gabe came along with us on the shoot so at the end, I made him pose for a pic and you can totally tell that he doesnt really want to be there - you can also see how much Emma loves her brother... its so them.... :)

Ok, a few things I wanted to cover... :)

- I would love to give back to some up and coming photographers... Id love to have an intern/assistant/second shooter... I might even get you some pay if you help second shoot a wedding.  Id love to train someone on how to do a styled/creative shoot, how to pose, how to work with models, how to make and attain props, how to work with clients, how to edit, etc, etc.... Columbus is a very saturated market and alot of higher end photographers look down on the newbies, but I dont think it has to be that way... so Id love to have someone join me on my shoots - you would get tons of amazing experience and it would really grow your portfolio.

- Also a secret that Im revealing to all my blog readers first.... Im doing an open casting call HERE and NOW.... :)  I am looking for a young girl, preferably around the age of 11-14 - that tween stage, and a size 0-2 (note, I have nothing against my gorgeous curvy girls, just the dress that I will be working with is a 0-2)... I cant say too much, but this shoot is going to be out of this world - crazy and beautiful.... if you are looking to get into modeling or just want to have fun, here is your opportunity... feel free to share this with anyone you think would be interested... just send me a pic and a little about yourself to addietalley@mail.com

- Also, I know prom season is coming up.... I rent out dresses - I have tons of formals in all different sizes... why spend $200+ on a dress you are going to wear once... when you can rent it from me, wear it for the night and be done.... you wont have to store it or fret about not being able to sell it for what you paid for it.... also, all the money from dress rentals will go towards our adoption so you can feel even better about it.... and I promise, I have some AMAZING formals.... :)

- Also, I rent wedding dresses too... and I have some AMAZING dresses in this department as well.... eloping or doing a courthouse wedding, or just have a tiny budget.... dont fret about not being able to get the dress you want - you can still look gorgeous and not spend a fortune, plus no worries about having to pay to get the dress sealed or store it.... and I also have quite a few true vintage dresses and few with color as well.... and again, all the money will go towards our adoption so you can feel good about it too... :)

ok, hope yall are all having a great Friday and have an even better weekend... so glad to see the sun again!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Link Love Thursday

From Kimberly and Tim's wedding, Oct 2011

Another Link Love post... I love these... so much good stuff here... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do... and again, for all you lovely readers, I put it in categories of wedding and non-wedding, so hopefully that helps you out... enjoy!


This is so powerful, but not pretty

this art is so disturbing, but at the same time, absolutely beautiful and fascinating

conceptual clouds

a field guide to tech facial hair… funny, but true

so in love with this hotel

blueberry lemon sweet rolls… these look amazing

I want absolutely everything on the first wish list

so, so much good stuff in one post

these plates literally make me swoon (especially that first one) and if I could afford it, Id give all my other plates away to have a ton of these

gifts that give back

this is what love really looks like

this kid session is adorable

I really, really, really want this ring!

DIY sequined sweater… love it!

DIY mini marquee signs… I need to make these ASAP!

pumpkin dump cake!!!

absolutely dying over every single one of these super colorful ideas… especially the giant paper flower arch and the hanging branches with flowers

a castle wedding… with dragons and a red dress!

super cool wedding shoes!

wedding hair how-to

DIY Moroccan painted glass jars… these would be amazing as reception centerpieces

check out the dress and the bouquets

Since I read The Great Gatsby not too long ago, Ive kind of been obsessed with the aesthetic of it (and Im so looking forward to the movie, who else?!)… here are some Gatsby-inspired bridal ideas

Ok, there you go.... some good stuff this week... hang on, its almost Friday... and can you believe we got snow today?  Crazy!!!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas... Better Late Than Never - Columbus Ms Photographer

During December, I had a chance to work with Maritta Rondeau again for a shoot that she styled - you may remember her as "Cinderella" - she did all the styling on all 4 of those shoots as well so I knew the style would be perfect... and it was... but I had to wait until after she posted them before I could... so though these are a bit late, I hope you enjoy!

Sorry I was MIA earlier this week... Wallace got sick on Monday and then Emma yesterday, so Ive been a nurse for the last two days (and middle of the night), but it was nice to get some one on one time with my kids.... and speaking of those two, I still have their birthday pics to show you... :)

Good times... cant wait for the rain to stop so I can get back outside again... :)

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Link Love!

Oh, its been forever since Ive done a Link Love post, so I have TONS and TONS of stuff to share, but Im going to try to dole it out over the next few Thursday so it doesnt get too overwhelming... but dont worry, I still have some great stuff for you today... and for you, my wonderful readers, I even divided it into non-wedding and wedding stuff so you can find it easy to get what you are looking for... Enjoy!


Great idea for hanging up your jewelry… I might have to steal this one

Animal print shop… I am seriously thinking of grabbing a few of these for our walls

diy industrial looking house letters… I can think of so many uses for these

super cool etsy shop that has knitted dissecting kits… I bet they smell way better than the real thing

winter prints… I so want

I want this girl’s red hair!

be careful with instagram

this made my cry… bittersweet

this is so decadent

letter coatrack DIY… love!

I so could spend a TON of money here… you know, if I actually had any, but its fun to look… J

a true quote about adoption

Pigeon shirts!  I die…. Seriously… Im passed out on the floor…

so many fantastic gift ideas here, here, here, here and here

one of the coolest art installations!

this hotel is incredible

DIY nest spoons… so cool

I want to do something like these princes pics… so, so pretty

steampunk home décor!


seed money…. I think this would be the coolest wedding favor ever

these flowergirls are gorgeous and make me want to do a shoot like this… so clean and minimal

goth wedding… black dress, black veil and cool reception décor

A museum wedding with dinosaurs, a black dress and killer heels

did you know you can rent bridesmaids dresses… a great alternative to paying a lot of money for something that you will most likely only wear once

absolutely dying over this UP inspired guestbook… and oh, those peacock accessories!

elegant goth wedding… gorgeous dress and black candelabras

 a Paris engagement session… and every single dress is to die for!

check out this rainbow butterfly cake… ah-may-zing!

this color palette generator is amazing… and could make things so much easier!

this book arch is one of the best things ever!

fingerprint rings!

Alright, look for more fun stuff next week... have a great week everyone

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Handy Family - Columbus MS Photographer

This family is absolutely the sweetest... I adore them - and how cute is their daughter, Caroline... she is just a doll... and now they are pregnant with their second, a little boy - I cant wait to meet him.... Ive had these pics in my pocket for awhile, but since they were Christmas presents, I promised not to show them until the new year... so I hope yall enjoy!

Oh my goodness, this light was so yummy!

Hope yall are having a great Wednesday!

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