Welcome to my new blog... this one is all about me and my artwork. You can view my main site at www.addietalley.com or my earlier work at www.talleyimages.blogspot.com, but this one is about shooting what I want. Its the images that I have been inspired to create... something new, something different. This will be the place for all my best work because these are mine. You can email me at addietalley@mail.com at any time!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emma - 4 years

I always take my kids for a photoshoot - usually just me and them - for their birthdays every year. These are Emma's 4 year old pictures... maybe 9 months late... we took them last November. But it is what happens when I stay busy doing other people's work - I never have time for my own.

Shortly before this shoot, I found this abandoned building and I could not believe my luck. It was gorgeous with offwhite walls and lots of window light. It also was very "safe" as it didnt have any nails or glass on the floor. I knew this is where Emma's pictures had to be. Emma is probably my favorite model that I work with... and I dont just say that as her mama. I have no idea where she got this gift from, but she automatically knows how to model - her face, her body, her hands... with very little direction. Its good in that we can get alot accomplished in a short amount of time, but its really bad when it comes to me working with other models. It spoils me into thinking that other models always automatically know what they are doing and it just ends up frustrating me when I have to give them a million directions... anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures - you can click on them to view them larger.Please do not try this at home or with any old abandoned building... this can be very dangerous. I visited this one a few times to make sure it was safe and structurally sound and that my daughter would not get hurt - before I took her. I also know my daughter and know that she can follow directions and listen to what I say. Please be careful with your children.

It is now August, which means Gabe's 7th birthday pics will be happening shortly. Im excited that my little boy still lets me take his picture.

I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I recently took some bridals (you can see more at www.talleyimages.blogspot.com) and I got this one, which I know most people probably wont find the most "pretty" but its one of my favorite bridals that Ive done. It just feels so in the moment... I love the way that the light is hitting the brides face and her hand is up there and she is just taking it all in. Lovely.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding pics

This was a fun session - we had planned it for the Sunday afternoon when the snow was supposed to hit, but we couldnt make it work any other time, so we secretly hoped it would hold off for just a bit. We got out of the car and the sleet started... it was so heavy - you can see it in some of the pics, which I think adds a cool effect. We only got about 20 minutes in, but I think the pictures were totally worth it. I had had the idea for these brewing in my head forever... :)

Definitely loving the New Orleans feel of these...

Im in love with these... :) You can click on them to view them larger... definitely worth it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is my daughter Emma... I did these for her 4 year old birthday. Shortly after I had Emma, a friend introduced me to Belle and Boo by giving me a card of theirs - I instantly fell in love and framed it. Its been on Emma's wall since then. I knew I wanted to replicate that card with Emma one day and I figured now was the time... especially since I had discovered an abandoned building with the perfect light... i knew it had to be now.

This was the very first frame - I was just checking levels, but it has become one of my favorite pictures... I even had it printed up on a huge canvas.IMG_1992-2jpg by talleyimages
This is what I wanted from the beginning...

IMG_1993-2jpg by talleyimages

And a sepia version to mimic the card.

IMG_1994-5 by talleyimages
One more...

IMG_1995-4 by talleyimages

Here is my daughter Emma with the actual card....

IMG_2192-2 by talleyimages

And the card itself... so you can judge for yourself...

IMG_2193-3 by talleyimages

More to come soon.... :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Post.

Well, I guess I need to introduce myself first...

My name is Addie. I am a photographer... not just a photographer, but its my passion.... and its pretty much ruined how I look at most anything now - I cant watch a movie without wondering about the composition, read a magazine without looking for any tell-tale photoshop signs... even go anywhere without wondering what it would be like to shoot there.

Im kind of weird... a cynic, a freak... whatever. I love what most people would deem un-normal... I love tattoos and rainbow colored hair, I think goth kids are beautiful and piercings are cool. I also love cute, cute things and most anything Japanese in nature (including alot of anime). I love abandoned buildings and overgrown forests and both are probably some of my favorite spots to shoot. You will probably notice alot of these elements in my work, a certain dark whimsy...

Alot of times, I shoot for other people... which is great. I love my clients - you can view my commercial work at http://www.talleyimages.blogspot.com/ but shooting for other people usually doesnt delve deep enough into my creative side. So... this is what will be on this blog.... when I come up with something crazy in my head, I try my best to put it down through my art.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.