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Friday, May 31, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Look at those two young kids... only been married about 5 years with 2 small kids... and now they have even more joy and happiness 6 years later... :)

Hope yall have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus MS Photographer

(another from Katie's bridals)

Its Link Love Thursday again... with Monday having been a holiday, I keep getting mixed up on what day it is... but glad tomorrow is Friday, how about you?

Hope you enjoy the links this week... :)


this may just be the most perfect fathers day gift

Make money by sharing things you already have

how amazing is the unconventional design of this hotel?

the invisible man... so brilliant and clever

I am loving the high-low dress/shirt trend that is hitting right now, and also that gold tablecloth and the hanging flowers!

From a self-admitted thrift store junkie, these are some pretty good tips for thrift store shopping (especially about trying stuff on!)

I know not every guy could pull this off, but how amazing is this groom’s embroidered suit?!


hello gorgeous wedding shoes and bouquet... and well, everything else involved, I cant get enough!

inside out horses... and out comes the science geek in me!

how gorgeous is this pharmacy.... I could totally see a similar design being used in someone’s house

Claire Pettibone Trunk Show... scroll down and check out that keyhole back!

eyelash jewelry... can you even imagine?!!
Ok, thats it for this week's edition.... come back next week for more random prettiness... :)
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Team pics - Columbus MS Photographer

Just wanted to throw out a reminder that I do team sports pics.... as ball season is winding down, dont forget pics for the team - for $20, you get an 8x10 team composite, (2) 5x7 and (8) wallets... and they come in in 1-2 weeks... you would be hard pressed to find a better deal!

Also, I would absolutely love to have a new Canon 5D Mark III - I know this means not much to you, but I would love to step up my gear a little bit and see how much better my pictures could be.... so Im excited to be entering this giveaway from snapknot!  Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway - they are awesome!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday - Columbus MS Photographer

(Katie was an actual bride, not a model, but she looked too good not to share)

Ok, and we are back with more modeling tips.... this is an important one... :)


Chances are, if you are working with/for a photographer, they have a certain look they are going for... and usually they are going to provide the wardrobe.... so you really do need to know your size.

And dont do the "girl code" thing where you say a few sizes smaller.... the photographer really does need to know what your actual size is.... and after one look, they will pretty much know if you are lying or not, which sets the shoot out on the wrong foot to begin with.

To be honest, as a photographer, we dont care if you are a bit bigger or smaller than you think you should be.... we want to help you rock it out, no matter what your size.

Not only that, if we are pulling clothes for you, then its a pain in the butt to know we spent time and money on an outfit that you cant wear b/c you told us the wrong size.  Its much easier just to be honest up front.

And if you dont know your size, be honest about that too.... then get yourself to a store THAT DAY and try on some clothes.  First, you need to know your dress size - and this can vary in different styles, but it shouldnt by just a size or two.... you also need to know what size shirt and pants and shoes you are... but a dress (in the jr's section) will give you the best idea of size.

It also means the photographer doesnt have to pull a million things for you to try on.... if you know your size, then I can pull about 4 or 5 outfits for you to try on and we can figure out what works best... but if you say,  "I dont know, I think I may be a size X" - that means I have to pull about 20 outfits - some the size that you "think" you are, some smaller, some bigger, some much smaller, some much bigger.... and since Im hoping to shoot at a certain time, then I will need you to try on all of the outfits in about 30 minutes.  So yeah, you are adding stress to yourself and also to your photographer (b/c the photographer also has to clean up all the outfits that they pulled when its all over as well).

Ok, thats it.... if you dont know your size, go find out TODAY.... if so, good girl!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

If you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE to read and I love books.... so I discovered The Hunger Games before the fad really hit and talked Daniel and some of my friends into reading them... so when I heard there was a movie coming out, you could color me excited... our local library did a Hunger Games party in celebration of the movie, so I dressed up our family (extra points if you can guess who each of us is!)

Hope yall all have a great weekend... Ill be taking Monday off to soak in my family a little bit.... :)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus Ms Photographer

Ahhh... looks like Im finally back on track and in a regular posting schedule again - feels good, but I probably just jinxed myself.. Oh well.  But I am here with another link love Thursday today - and its pretty standard fun, quirky, dark fare today.... you should definitely click on every link.... and Id love to hear what you think (oh, I rhymed there!)... have you found anything interesting you want to share?

Why you should get pictures done with a real photographer instead of just a friend with a nice camera.... a real photographer knows how to make you feel beautiful and thats worth every penny

Lessons learned from getting your photos for free

How gorgeous is the ad for this funeral home service (and thats not something you say every day, now is it?)

This is the kind of bridal shoot Im dying to do

Check out this gorgeous green and gold wedding dress

Swooning over this Alice inWonderland wedding inspiration

Cutest egg mold ever!!!

I want one of these prints in my house ASAP!

In love with the zoo book... you gotta check it out and admit that its pretty clever, right?

Chicken pot pie with cream cheese in it... Im thinking this has got to be good

 My heart stopped beating for a second when I saw these... dream of my dreams – I could die happy

Since Im still stuck in a bit of a Gatsby-obsession, I adore this vintage 1920s inspired wedding... its just perfect without being pretentious

A photography exhibitionunderwater... wow

So kooky and fun

An invisible bike... so cool

Modern day mixtape... the 90s teen in me LOVES this

Best piece of furniture ever?  Quite possibly so.

How gorgeous and unexpected are these floral arrangements.... Im thinking fantastic summer wedding reception pieces

how amazing is this hotel... nice and naughty!

Since Im such a nerd, this seems like a pretty cool book to look at with my kids

Have you seen these amazing custom, colored wedding dresses... divine!!!

Custom ribbons instead of boutineirres – Im thinking yes! yes! yes!

This photographer used HongKong in such an cool way... love it!

Awesome.... hope you are having a grand week... and only one more day until Friday... :)

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Misty - Columbus MS Photographer

Misty and I talked and she really wanted to do a fairy themed shoot, so I was all on board.  And I think we definitely made it work... :)

Cant believe its already Wednesday... and Monday is Memorial Day - definitley looking forward to the weekend, how about you?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Model Tips Tuesday - Columbus Ms Photographer

First, I want to say my heart goes out to everyone affected by the tornado... I know there was much loss, sadness and destruction.  You are in our thoughts... and will continue to be.

Ok, so youve got your profile set up on model mayhem, and youve contacted a photographer and decided to work together... now what?

COMMUNICATION.... I cant stress it enough.  You need to stay in good communication with your photographer.  Keep in mind that the photographer is probably doing most of the work for this shoot - scouting the location, procuring a wardrobe, figuring out the look/theme, getting a stylist, hair person and makeup artist, making sure all the props are there and tons of other business-y type stuff.  So you need to make sure you do your part.... asking the following questions is a good start.
- What time should I be there?
- What should I bring?
- Should I bring someone with me?
- Should I do my own hair and make up or will it be done for me?
- What should I wear?
- Do I need to provide wardrobe or will it be provided?
- How long will this shoot take?
- Will I need to drive, follow or ride with you?
- Do I need to bring any props?
- What is the best way to stay in contact?

And thats just a start... the main thing is to figure out what time you need to be there, where you need to be, and what you need to bring. 

Also, definitely talk about the style/theme of the shoot so you and the photographer are on the same page and you know what to do and how to practice before the shoot.  Also, dont be afraid to offer the photographer a few of your ideas as well, if they go along with the shoot.

And it always a good idea to double check the details of a shoot the day before.  And if there are going to be any potential problems, let the photographer know in advance so they can prepare for them ahead of time.

Ok.. thats it.... stay connected, communicate and know whats happening!  The more that you are on the same page as your photographer, the better!

Come back next Tuesday for more tips... :)

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sneak Peek Monday - Columbus MS Photographer

Thought I would give you a little sneak peek of an upcoming shoot that will be posted here on the blog... a fairy shoot - so look forward to that!
Hope you had a great weekend... Id love to hear about it.  Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com

Friday, May 17, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus Ms Photographer

How cute is my Emma girl... today was her kindergarten awards day - she sang, she danced and she racked up a bunch of awards.... super smart, that one... :)  And I love her to bits!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

I was out sick yesterday, so Im trying to catch back up on everything and not fall behind again...  So here we come to another week's Link Love post... hope you enjoy!

DIY kite on a stick – how cute would these be for a birthday party

super loving this vintage inspired jewelry... especially the spiked necklace at the bottom

grandmas as flower girls?  Why has no one thought of this before

kind of loving this muted bouquet... would be so pretty with a romantic goth bride

obsessessed with this frank lloyd wright inspired cake

and seriously thinking about making these popcorn lookalikecupcakes

historical figures get a 21st century makeover... love it!

who knew Dick Van Dyke was this cool?

The Lazaro Spring Bridal line is ah-may-zing!

How pretty are these rustic wedding invitations?

Have you seen this amazing green ombre wedding dress?


Ok, thats it for this week... come back tomorrow for personal Friday.... yay for weekends!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Model Tips - Columbus Ms Photographer

(Kayla was a wonderful model on this 2011 mermaid shoot at the Dismals)

So you want to be a model?
Whether its for fun or an actual career, you need to know a few basics of how to work with a photographer.  Ive worked with alot of great models and some that were really terrible to be around, so I thought it might be fun to do a series on modeling from a photographer’s perspective.  Note: these are just my opinions and dont really count for anything, but talking with other photographers, we usually want the same things, so I hope this helps out anyone looking to get into the modeling game.

Getting started.... so whats the best way to actually get your feet wet and get started with a few modeling jobs?  Well, first off, if you have no experience, then you need to be willing to work for free or at least TFCD or TFP – those initials are important and often used for beginner photographers and models, they mean “trade/time for cd” and “trade/time for prints”, respectively.  This means that you agree to model for a shoot and they will give you a cd of pictures or prints. 

*Let me add a disclaimer here... just because you are new, have little or no experience, does not ever mean you need to be doing porn or nudity shots.  If that is the market that you want to enter, go for it, but either get paid or work with someone reputable – never, ever do nudity for free (unless its an artist that you respect) and without some kind of contract as to how it will be used and how much you own the rights to it.... it could come to haunt you down the road.

First off, let people know that you are wanting to model... put it out there on facebook and let your friends know so if they see an opportunity, they can let you know.  You can also find new photographers on craigslist, but make sure you communicate thoroughly with anyone you do not know and never meet anyone alone for the first time.  If there are photographers in your area (or that you are willing to go to), then email them and let them know that you are a fan and would love to model for them if they ever needed someone – be aware though that experienced photographers are rarely going to do a “normal, pretty” shoot – its probably going to be out there and involve costumes and crazy makeup, so be aware of what you are agreeing to.  Personally though, the best way for me to find models is to go through www.modelmayhem.com – this is an easy site to set up a portfolio and synopsis of who you are and the kind of modeling you want to do... it will also help you to find photographers that you want to work with.

As for your portfolio and what needs to be in it.  You need at least 1-2 clean shots of yourself – that means neutral clothing, minimal makeup and low key hair – this will give the photographer a much better idea if you are someone they want to work with – it also helps you appear much more professional than someone with blurry cell phone pics.  You also need at least one head shot (close up shot of your head from the shoulders up, preferably smiling), and a full body shot so they can get an idea of your body type.  It also helps if you add 5-10 more photos of you – preferably in the style that you want to be photographed in.  You can take these yourself or with the help of your friends, but honestly, it would be in your best interest to spend a little money and get professional shots taken – not only will your pictures stand out and give you alot more credibility as a model and a professional, but it will give you experience working with a real photographer and seeing that process up close. 

Use your summary to tell about yourself – where you are from, what experience you have, what kind of shoots you want to do and what you are willing to do.... dont make this extremely long because it will bore people and they will click off your profile... but dont make it so short that there isnt anything there.

Above all else... dont lie!  Dont lie about your size and your experience – I know its girl code to always say you are a size or two smaller than you are, but you cant do this with a photoshoot because usually the photographer is looking for a specific size range, and probably has a wardrobe already lined up that they have spent money on.  If you show up, and those clothes dont fit because you have given the wrong size, then you will have wasted both you and the photographer’s time – which probably means that they will never hire you again, and will probably warn other photographers about you as well.  So just be honest, as photographers, we dont care if you are a “big girl”, sometimes thats what we are looking for, so own it!

Alright... I think thats enough to get us started in this series... come back next week for another installment.  And let me know if you have questions or maybe I missed something... :)  Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com

Friday, May 10, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Took this pic this morning - Wallace had his kindergarten awards program this morning... I just took my little camera and snapped a few pics.  He did so good... and goodness is he growing up!

Hope yall all have a great weekend... and happy mothers day to all the women out there!

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

This is my awesome friend, Emily, and her beautiful blended family... awesome!

Is it Thursday already again... crazy how fast the week goes by when the weather is nice.... I absolutely cannot believe that it is May already - thats insane... where did this year go?  But either way, I am happy to finally have some nice weather... I hope the weather this year so far is a prediction of a mild summer... :)  Hope yall enjoy the links today - lots of good stuff so check it out!

DIY gilded shark tooth earrings... I think these would make an excellent gift

Im a  little bit smitten with this paper-collage artwork – from far back, it looks so intricate and detailed, but upclose, you would never guess what is used... cool... I love perspective pieces

a pictorial scavenger hunt for walks or trips – I think this would keep my kids so much busier and happier.

I need to make these flying fish windsocks with my kids!

Looking for cheap, easy wedding favors that people wont throw in the trash – take home cd’s – love it!

I want these cake plates so, so bad!

this cake/art display is killing me... blowing my mind

this is on my top 10 list of places to shoot

black and white wedding dress, pink hair, rainbow flowers and white lace up boots?  I am all in!

how cool is this signature necklace?!  And I love that it can go horizontal or vertical!

I am absolutely digging these color schemes and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my own house

these blackand white striped balloons are so fun and I could think of so many fun photo projects to use them for

The Fall 2013Bridal collection by Theia is so, so pretty

Oh, and the Jenny Packham Spring 2013 bridal line too... swoon

And of course, the Marchesa fall 2013 bridal line... divine!

Sailor Jerrytattoo style home goods... love!

there is so much to love here... but in particular is that goose – I want that!

how cute is this animal and nerd jewelry... or maybe its just me?

huge fan of this dinnerware!

This one too!

Check out this amazing groom’s attire

check out this Tangled inspired shoot... the dress was made from a parachute – can you even imagine?!

This SweenyTodd inspired wedding shoot will not be for everyone... actually its pretty disturbing, so be aware, but as an artist, I still love it

Weddingstyles for undercut hair... if you know me, you know how much I love this – truly!

RappersDelight... brilliance... pure brilliance!

Gorgeous rockabilly wedding... and those bridesmaids dresses!

So in love with this lookbook... I want it all!

Alright, thats all we got for this week... come back next week for more shoots and more links.... :)

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Look at that sweet girl's smile.... Emma as a baby.... that bear hat was the first thing I bought when we found out we were pregnant... and the cupcake outfit is the one she came home from the hospital in - even though it was super big b/c she was tiny-tiny.

Every time I look at her now Im in awe at how big and grown up she has become... and watch out b/c she can charm the pants off anyone... such her daddy's child.

Hope yall have a great weekend!  Oh - and if you are in town for Market Street - I will have 3 of the 7 Sins pics up at the art show and you can vote for your favorite.... awesome... :)

Also, our family is one of 3 finalists to win a trip to Disney - if you havent yet, please go vote at https://www.facebook.com/2cutiepatootiespersonallyforyou?fref=ts - it would mean so much to us... thank you!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Link Love - Columbus Ms Photographer

Its been forever since I did a Link Love post - mostly due to the fact that the last time I tried, the internet went crazy and dropped out so I lost all my hard work... since we are just getting started again, I thought I would just do a link love lite version today so neither of us would get overwhelmed... I hope you enjoy!

One of the best looking groom’s attire that Ive seen... and check out the rest of the wedding party too!
I know im known more for my offbeat likes, but Ive always been a fan of Carolina Herrera – her designs are just classic and elegant and will look just as good 10 years from now... here is her 2013 wedding line

6 non-rules for tipping yourwedding vendor

this pink wedding dress is absolutely making me swoon... actually the whole wedding is lovely

how gorgeous is this carnival trash the dress session... I would love to do one of these!

Dying over this custom steampunk wedding dress!

DIY crystal spikedbracelet... I actually have a real one, but I think I could make a pretty mean one, so I might try this!

clip on picnic utensils... genius!

bedazzle your tattoos for your wedding day... love it!

absolutely in love with these linens...

these stickers as well!

one of my dream weddings... gorgeous goth – check out the veil, and that dress, and the groom’s attire and the bouqet....

 Ok, thats all for this week... I hope you enjoy... so glad tomorrow is Friday - hope the rain holds off this weekend!  Have a good one! Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com