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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday: Columbus MS Photographer

(love this one from Katelyn and Wayne's engagement session)

Ok, back to some modeling tips for all you out there wanting to learn how to model... :)

Today is all about bringing someone with you... should you, shouldnt you?

If you are meeting your photographer for the first time to discuss shoot ideas and such, then yes, bring a friend and meet in a public place... its always a good idea to be careful when you are meeting someone you dont know for the first time.  Meeting with them first will give you a good idea if your personalities mesh if you would be a good fit working together. 

If you are meeting your photographer for the first time right before you shoot (maybe if you dont live close to each other), then its ok to bring someone with you, but you should let the photographer know before hand so they can be prepared. 

You should never really bring a person with you to a shoot - its very distractful, for you and the photographer... if you dont feel safe with the photographer, then you shouldnt work with them.... but if it is necessary to bring someone, then make sure they know how to act once the shoot starts - even if you are a great model that the photographer loves, they may not hire you again if they think there is a chance you might bring the same person with you to ruin the shoot.

So how should an escort act when on a shoot?  They should stand back... or even better - walk around/away from the shoot.... stay out of the background, be quiet, dont eat or chew gum, dont talk, dont interfere in any way or make suggestions to the photographer.... and under no circumstances, should they pull out a phone and start taking pictures of the shoot - that will pretty much end the shoot right then and there.

Again, its all about respect.  The photographer usually has taken alot of time and effort to set up a shoot and they know what they want.  It becomes a problem when you have an outsider offering suggestions that dont fit in with what the photographer wants, or the photographer is having to ask them to stop talking or get out of the shot - thats a huge timewaster.... and will definitely hurt any chances of you working with the photographer again.

Id love to answer any questions you might have... feel free to comment!

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