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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Me.

I know its lame to make excuses about not blogging, but I feel really bad about neglecting the blog lately and felt like I had to give all of you who actually read some sort of explanation.... talk about a run-on sentence.


I think most people dont realize how much work actually goes into making the pictures that I do... they think I just show up, have fun, take the pictures, download them onto a computer and print them out onto a cd.... but makeing pictures like the 7 deadly ins... things dont just happen, I have to work for them.... and I dont have a team.  I am the one responsible for finding the models, scouting the locations, making and allocating the props, getting permissions, working on the wardrobe, doing the makeup, and scheduling everything.  It takes weeks or months of work to get one picture.  Then I have to do the shoot and spend hours in front of a computer editing.... for one picture.

Which I know is kind of crazy... but to me, as an artist, its worth it.  I absolutely love it!

Well, Ive started on my next series, which is even bigger than the 7 Deadly Sins... and I was all set to shoot the first one.

Until my model didnt show.

We had been communicating for 3 months and then she doesnt show.

And this is the third time this has happened with this series.

So you can imagine how defeated I have felt.

Yeah.... so you could say Im a little burned out and jaded and just tired.... Ive lost my fire. 

But slowly, it is starting to return.

So I wanted to offer all of you a reason and an excuse for my absence... Im still here... Im still working.... and this year is going to be fantastic, I can feel it in my bones.... even if weve gotten off to a bit of a rough start....

Thanks for hanging in there with me, and loving on me anyway...

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