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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flower Girls: Black/Yang

Continuing the flower girls series from last week... here is the pair to the pink set that I put up... I definitely wanted these two sets to contradict and compliment each other - they were meant to hang side by side so you could get the full picture.  But this girl, the black/yang side is the hard side where the pink was soft.... where the pink girl is the one you want to woo, the black girl is the one you should be afraid of.  The same tree, but two different side -the goddess and the warrior. (and definitely still playing off those Asian influences in the name of the tree: Japanese magnolia)


I gotta say.... Abbey did an amazing job.  She totally rocked this shoot - she came prepared and just gave it everything. I couldnt have asked for anything more and I am completely indebted to her for both shoots (not to mention she climbed a tree in a dress twice). 

I am loving how these are turning out and more of these flower girl shoots will be coming up... so stay tuned.

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