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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus MS Photographer

One of Emma's 4 year old pics, 2010

Alright... its Link Love day... and I have some fun stuff today so you definitely dont want to skip any links... :)

Friday the 13th wedding…. Love the black and white dress

goth wedding… so in love with that purple dress and the oxytocin necklace – I die!

in love with this spiral wedding aisle and purple headpiece… but gotta admit that it would be a bit of a photographic nightmare

I adore this ceremony backdrop

super gorgeous red wedding dress

how to do a messy updo

something blue for your wedding

the dress is stunning, but it’s the cake stand holder that is going to blow your mind

A styled lookbook based on Clueless… love!

an office made totally out of paper!

I am absolutely so in love with these melting flowers…. I want for my walls ASAP

melting birds are cool too

gorgeous family photo session

cute C-3PO costume

this mansion is the coolest… I absolutely want those deer in my house!!!

Im so in love with Tim Walker as a photographer it isn’t even funny

the sort of post I wanted to write with our last adoption but wasn’t brave enough to

Ive printed out this cini-mini recipe to try soon

Darth Vader and Son… thinking this is the perfect gift for almost every guy in your life

gorgeous masks

rain room… cool

a 5 star hotel on a boat… way, way better than you are picturing in your head

pumpkin marshmallow pie!!!!

check out that amazing paper castle

in love with these chickens!

if this doesn’t make you cry, let me know….

Ok, hope yall all enjoyed... dont forget about the casting call and the dress rentals... yall rock!

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