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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Katie-bridals, part 1 - Columbus Ms Photographer

Yes, I know I need to fix the header and background... gotta find some extra time somewhere... I feel so behind most days... :)  thanks for being patient!

Anyway... yall!  I have been sitting on this bridal session for months now and Im so excited that I finally get to show it to you.... Its one of my all time favorites, but Katie was amazing even though it was freezing cold, she was such a trooper and she let me do my job and wasnt worried about the dress (which we took great care with!) - and I think the risks of it all worked out amazingly... just beautiful.... and because of that, I had to break this session into two parts - I know I should have paired these down, but I cant help myself, they are too gorgeous for you not to get to see them... and keep in mind, these were all done in an hour.... I love my job!

Ill post some more from the second half of our session tomorrow.... yay!  2013 is already starting out wonderfully... how can I make your year better?

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