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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Link Love Thursday

I love silhouettes... this is Brooke and Brian walking into the reception for the first time.

Its Link Love Thursday.... and Ive got some extra special goodness for you.... especially for all you who think you dont need to hire a professional photographer... see what you think after you click on the links.... but I threw some other good stuff in there too... happy reading!

why you should hire a professional wedding photogragrapher…. A MUST READ for all getting married!  Your memories are not worth losing for saving a few bucks.... please pass along to anyone getting married as well!  This is so, so important! 

why is good photography so expensive

why hire a professional photographer when your friend can do it for free?

senior girls – why not split the cost of a session… gorgeous!

Check out this amazing butterfly wedding dress!

Gorgeous grey wedding dress!

DIY hand drawn monogram bags… such a cute idea

free photo save the date cards

Im seriously kind of in love with these duvet covers… the octopus and birds in particular

DIY friendship heart bracelet

a study of butterfly wings… fascinating

Oh, I am dying over the Valentino spring 2013 collection… rarely do I like a whole collection, but this is it

a good deed for the cost of a stamp…

a really good letter to the church

another really good question for the church

Ok, Im out for today... cant believe its Thursday already and the last day of January... crazy!!!  I hope 2013 is amazing for you!

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