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Friday, January 18, 2013

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Sorry Im so late in posting today... blogger drives me crazy some days.... but hey, at least I finally one and got the pictures up...  these are from Emma's 3 year old picture session.... and you never would have guessed the location would be this pretty just looking at it - its an abandoned lot that is on the side of a road, but I saw that fallen tree and knew that I could work the angles to make it look like I wanted... Normally, Im not a huge fan of light colored clothing, but that green dress just worked in this setting where everything else was all dark... and the bottom pic makes me smile every time.... Gabe came along with us on the shoot so at the end, I made him pose for a pic and you can totally tell that he doesnt really want to be there - you can also see how much Emma loves her brother... its so them.... :)

Ok, a few things I wanted to cover... :)

- I would love to give back to some up and coming photographers... Id love to have an intern/assistant/second shooter... I might even get you some pay if you help second shoot a wedding.  Id love to train someone on how to do a styled/creative shoot, how to pose, how to work with models, how to make and attain props, how to work with clients, how to edit, etc, etc.... Columbus is a very saturated market and alot of higher end photographers look down on the newbies, but I dont think it has to be that way... so Id love to have someone join me on my shoots - you would get tons of amazing experience and it would really grow your portfolio.

- Also a secret that Im revealing to all my blog readers first.... Im doing an open casting call HERE and NOW.... :)  I am looking for a young girl, preferably around the age of 11-14 - that tween stage, and a size 0-2 (note, I have nothing against my gorgeous curvy girls, just the dress that I will be working with is a 0-2)... I cant say too much, but this shoot is going to be out of this world - crazy and beautiful.... if you are looking to get into modeling or just want to have fun, here is your opportunity... feel free to share this with anyone you think would be interested... just send me a pic and a little about yourself to addietalley@mail.com

- Also, I know prom season is coming up.... I rent out dresses - I have tons of formals in all different sizes... why spend $200+ on a dress you are going to wear once... when you can rent it from me, wear it for the night and be done.... you wont have to store it or fret about not being able to sell it for what you paid for it.... also, all the money from dress rentals will go towards our adoption so you can feel even better about it.... and I promise, I have some AMAZING formals.... :)

- Also, I rent wedding dresses too... and I have some AMAZING dresses in this department as well.... eloping or doing a courthouse wedding, or just have a tiny budget.... dont fret about not being able to get the dress you want - you can still look gorgeous and not spend a fortune, plus no worries about having to pay to get the dress sealed or store it.... and I also have quite a few true vintage dresses and few with color as well.... and again, all the money will go towards our adoption so you can feel good about it too... :)

ok, hope yall are all having a great Friday and have an even better weekend... so glad to see the sun again!

Email me at addietalley@mail.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com

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