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Friday, January 11, 2013

Link Love!

Oh, its been forever since Ive done a Link Love post, so I have TONS and TONS of stuff to share, but Im going to try to dole it out over the next few Thursday so it doesnt get too overwhelming... but dont worry, I still have some great stuff for you today... and for you, my wonderful readers, I even divided it into non-wedding and wedding stuff so you can find it easy to get what you are looking for... Enjoy!


Great idea for hanging up your jewelry… I might have to steal this one

Animal print shop… I am seriously thinking of grabbing a few of these for our walls

diy industrial looking house letters… I can think of so many uses for these

super cool etsy shop that has knitted dissecting kits… I bet they smell way better than the real thing

winter prints… I so want

I want this girl’s red hair!

be careful with instagram

this made my cry… bittersweet

this is so decadent

letter coatrack DIY… love!

I so could spend a TON of money here… you know, if I actually had any, but its fun to look… J

a true quote about adoption

Pigeon shirts!  I die…. Seriously… Im passed out on the floor…

so many fantastic gift ideas here, here, here, here and here

one of the coolest art installations!

this hotel is incredible

DIY nest spoons… so cool

I want to do something like these princes pics… so, so pretty

steampunk home décor!


seed money…. I think this would be the coolest wedding favor ever

these flowergirls are gorgeous and make me want to do a shoot like this… so clean and minimal

goth wedding… black dress, black veil and cool reception décor

A museum wedding with dinosaurs, a black dress and killer heels

did you know you can rent bridesmaids dresses… a great alternative to paying a lot of money for something that you will most likely only wear once

absolutely dying over this UP inspired guestbook… and oh, those peacock accessories!

elegant goth wedding… gorgeous dress and black candelabras

 a Paris engagement session… and every single dress is to die for!

check out this rainbow butterfly cake… ah-may-zing!

this color palette generator is amazing… and could make things so much easier!

this book arch is one of the best things ever!

fingerprint rings!

Alright, look for more fun stuff next week... have a great week everyone

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