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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday - Columbus MS Photographer

(Katie was an actual bride, not a model, but she looked too good not to share)

Ok, and we are back with more modeling tips.... this is an important one... :)


Chances are, if you are working with/for a photographer, they have a certain look they are going for... and usually they are going to provide the wardrobe.... so you really do need to know your size.

And dont do the "girl code" thing where you say a few sizes smaller.... the photographer really does need to know what your actual size is.... and after one look, they will pretty much know if you are lying or not, which sets the shoot out on the wrong foot to begin with.

To be honest, as a photographer, we dont care if you are a bit bigger or smaller than you think you should be.... we want to help you rock it out, no matter what your size.

Not only that, if we are pulling clothes for you, then its a pain in the butt to know we spent time and money on an outfit that you cant wear b/c you told us the wrong size.  Its much easier just to be honest up front.

And if you dont know your size, be honest about that too.... then get yourself to a store THAT DAY and try on some clothes.  First, you need to know your dress size - and this can vary in different styles, but it shouldnt by just a size or two.... you also need to know what size shirt and pants and shoes you are... but a dress (in the jr's section) will give you the best idea of size.

It also means the photographer doesnt have to pull a million things for you to try on.... if you know your size, then I can pull about 4 or 5 outfits for you to try on and we can figure out what works best... but if you say,  "I dont know, I think I may be a size X" - that means I have to pull about 20 outfits - some the size that you "think" you are, some smaller, some bigger, some much smaller, some much bigger.... and since Im hoping to shoot at a certain time, then I will need you to try on all of the outfits in about 30 minutes.  So yeah, you are adding stress to yourself and also to your photographer (b/c the photographer also has to clean up all the outfits that they pulled when its all over as well).

Ok, thats it.... if you dont know your size, go find out TODAY.... if so, good girl!

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