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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Model Tips Tuesday - Columbus Ms Photographer

First, I want to say my heart goes out to everyone affected by the tornado... I know there was much loss, sadness and destruction.  You are in our thoughts... and will continue to be.

Ok, so youve got your profile set up on model mayhem, and youve contacted a photographer and decided to work together... now what?

COMMUNICATION.... I cant stress it enough.  You need to stay in good communication with your photographer.  Keep in mind that the photographer is probably doing most of the work for this shoot - scouting the location, procuring a wardrobe, figuring out the look/theme, getting a stylist, hair person and makeup artist, making sure all the props are there and tons of other business-y type stuff.  So you need to make sure you do your part.... asking the following questions is a good start.
- What time should I be there?
- What should I bring?
- Should I bring someone with me?
- Should I do my own hair and make up or will it be done for me?
- What should I wear?
- Do I need to provide wardrobe or will it be provided?
- How long will this shoot take?
- Will I need to drive, follow or ride with you?
- Do I need to bring any props?
- What is the best way to stay in contact?

And thats just a start... the main thing is to figure out what time you need to be there, where you need to be, and what you need to bring. 

Also, definitely talk about the style/theme of the shoot so you and the photographer are on the same page and you know what to do and how to practice before the shoot.  Also, dont be afraid to offer the photographer a few of your ideas as well, if they go along with the shoot.

And it always a good idea to double check the details of a shoot the day before.  And if there are going to be any potential problems, let the photographer know in advance so they can prepare for them ahead of time.

Ok.. thats it.... stay connected, communicate and know whats happening!  The more that you are on the same page as your photographer, the better!

Come back next Tuesday for more tips... :)

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