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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Link Love - Columbus MS Photographer

This is my awesome friend, Emily, and her beautiful blended family... awesome!

Is it Thursday already again... crazy how fast the week goes by when the weather is nice.... I absolutely cannot believe that it is May already - thats insane... where did this year go?  But either way, I am happy to finally have some nice weather... I hope the weather this year so far is a prediction of a mild summer... :)  Hope yall enjoy the links today - lots of good stuff so check it out!

DIY gilded shark tooth earrings... I think these would make an excellent gift

Im a  little bit smitten with this paper-collage artwork – from far back, it looks so intricate and detailed, but upclose, you would never guess what is used... cool... I love perspective pieces

a pictorial scavenger hunt for walks or trips – I think this would keep my kids so much busier and happier.

I need to make these flying fish windsocks with my kids!

Looking for cheap, easy wedding favors that people wont throw in the trash – take home cd’s – love it!

I want these cake plates so, so bad!

this cake/art display is killing me... blowing my mind

this is on my top 10 list of places to shoot

black and white wedding dress, pink hair, rainbow flowers and white lace up boots?  I am all in!

how cool is this signature necklace?!  And I love that it can go horizontal or vertical!

I am absolutely digging these color schemes and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my own house

these blackand white striped balloons are so fun and I could think of so many fun photo projects to use them for

The Fall 2013Bridal collection by Theia is so, so pretty

Oh, and the Jenny Packham Spring 2013 bridal line too... swoon

And of course, the Marchesa fall 2013 bridal line... divine!

Sailor Jerrytattoo style home goods... love!

there is so much to love here... but in particular is that goose – I want that!

how cute is this animal and nerd jewelry... or maybe its just me?

huge fan of this dinnerware!

This one too!

Check out this amazing groom’s attire

check out this Tangled inspired shoot... the dress was made from a parachute – can you even imagine?!

This SweenyTodd inspired wedding shoot will not be for everyone... actually its pretty disturbing, so be aware, but as an artist, I still love it

Weddingstyles for undercut hair... if you know me, you know how much I love this – truly!

RappersDelight... brilliance... pure brilliance!

Gorgeous rockabilly wedding... and those bridesmaids dresses!

So in love with this lookbook... I want it all!

Alright, thats all we got for this week... come back next week for more shoots and more links.... :)

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