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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus Ms Photographer

Ahhh... looks like Im finally back on track and in a regular posting schedule again - feels good, but I probably just jinxed myself.. Oh well.  But I am here with another link love Thursday today - and its pretty standard fun, quirky, dark fare today.... you should definitely click on every link.... and Id love to hear what you think (oh, I rhymed there!)... have you found anything interesting you want to share?

Why you should get pictures done with a real photographer instead of just a friend with a nice camera.... a real photographer knows how to make you feel beautiful and thats worth every penny

Lessons learned from getting your photos for free

How gorgeous is the ad for this funeral home service (and thats not something you say every day, now is it?)

This is the kind of bridal shoot Im dying to do

Check out this gorgeous green and gold wedding dress

Swooning over this Alice inWonderland wedding inspiration

Cutest egg mold ever!!!

I want one of these prints in my house ASAP!

In love with the zoo book... you gotta check it out and admit that its pretty clever, right?

Chicken pot pie with cream cheese in it... Im thinking this has got to be good

 My heart stopped beating for a second when I saw these... dream of my dreams – I could die happy

Since Im still stuck in a bit of a Gatsby-obsession, I adore this vintage 1920s inspired wedding... its just perfect without being pretentious

A photography exhibitionunderwater... wow

So kooky and fun

An invisible bike... so cool

Modern day mixtape... the 90s teen in me LOVES this

Best piece of furniture ever?  Quite possibly so.

How gorgeous and unexpected are these floral arrangements.... Im thinking fantastic summer wedding reception pieces

how amazing is this hotel... nice and naughty!

Since Im such a nerd, this seems like a pretty cool book to look at with my kids

Have you seen these amazing custom, colored wedding dresses... divine!!!

Custom ribbons instead of boutineirres – Im thinking yes! yes! yes!

This photographer used HongKong in such an cool way... love it!

Awesome.... hope you are having a grand week... and only one more day until Friday... :)

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