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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Link Love Thursday - Columbus MS Photographer

And here we come to another link love post....  hope you enjoy!

This pink ombre dress may be the most amazing wedding dress ever

Im kind of in love with Sunny Gu’s watercolors

animals in teacups.... one of the cutest things Ive seen!  I may just have to get me some

Are these engagement pics blowing your mind as much as they are mine?

I think this could have been me and Daniel in another life

Want great wedding photos – here are 10 great tips!

ok, wowee-zowee... this octupus infused wedding is amazing!

these miniGerman pancakes look super yummy

loving the new Sarah Sevenbridal line – the pics are so pretty

Sorry there are so few words today... I am honestly trying to figure out if I still belong in this photography game anymore... seems all people want is cheap or free, and I cant compete with bad photography.  Maybe Im just having a bad day... hopefully this funk will go soon b/c I seriously love what I do.

Happy Thursday.

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