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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday - Columbus MS Photographer

(Audrey was a gorgeous model!)

Time is money!  That saying is especially true of a photographer - they are usually busy, busy, busy.... so if you waste a photographer's time, they are probably not going to work with you again.  Period.

The big thing is to not be late.... and if its unavoidable (which means a major wreck has traffic backed up, or the cat just vomited on the floor... it doesnt mean that you didnt leave yourself enough time to get there), then all it takes is a phone call to let the photographer know how long you will be.... easy peasy. 

It also means when you are on a shoot, you at least try to model, even if you dont know what you are doing (if you are a new model getting your feet wet)... it does not mean that you should stand around and ask the photograher "ok, what do I do?" - it is not the photographer's job to pose every little detail of you - as a model, thats your job... its the photographer's job to tweak you just a little bit once you are posed.

Time really is money for a photographer.... and if you want to model, you need to be professional about it... that means show up on time and work it out once you are there.

On the flip side... if a photographer doesnt respect you enough to be on time... or to get you your pictures back in a reasonable time (talk about this before hand), then you shouldnt opt to work with them again either.....

Its all about respect... :)

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