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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Megan & Christian, the wedding - Columbus MS, Pensacola FL Photographer

Now, we get to the good stuff... the real heart of the wedding if you will... Megan and Christian - the ones it really comes down to.  These two were absolutely so beautifully in love that it made you a little bit high to be around them.... seriously, nothing could ruin their day because they had each other.  And I got the privilege of being the one to capture those moments forever - I am eternally grateful for that... :)
Christian wasnt sure he wanted to do a first look, but Megan and I talked him into it and I think it was one of all of our favorite moments of the day....

About to see each other for the first time

Like Ive said before, Megan was just absolutely stunning.... stunning!

 So glad it quit raining for just a bit so we could sneak out and get a few pictures around the pier... glorious... truly


The silhouette shots are always my favorite and have become sort of my signature

Hope you are enjoying these as much as I am because I am loving getting to relive this wedding again and again... I wish every day could be this good!  Keep coming back, we still have the actual ceremony and reception to get to!

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