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Monday, June 24, 2013

Megan and Christian wedding: Details - Columbus MS Photographer

I finally get to post about Megan and Christian's wedding.  It was just absolutely pure bliss - you may remember their engagement pics from here - as you can see, they are completely gorgeous and super fun.... and its a HUGE compliment to be hired for a destination wedding... wow!  I was floored.... the wedding itself was supposed to take place on the beach but a huge storm blew up that day so it was a no-go, but Megan and Christian just kept on b/c they both knew at the end of the day, they would be married to their best friend and that is all that really mattered.... and it just so turned out, that because they were surrounded by family and friends, the day probably turned out even more beautiful than the original plan.... so to start this week off, I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous details!
The dress was pretty on its own, but wait until you see Megan in it... :)

Megan's shoes, the notebook with Megan's vows, her new last name, and how cute is that garter set?!!

The flowers were just stunning... I absolutely couldnt get enough!

Did I mention Christian is a pilot in the navy... yes, he's that cool.

A sweet gift Megan gave to her dad before the wedding.... sniff, sniff

I think this picture says it best.... after the party was over, the bride and groom were still left standing, together and in love... forever.

Ok, yall gotta come back all this week for the rest of the wedding pictures - this is one wedding you dont want to miss.... :)  You just wait!

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