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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Model Tip Tuesday - Columbus MS Photographer

So now you are wondering what to wear to meet with your photographer.... There are 2 different options depending on how you are meeting.  1.  A first meet just to meet and talk, 2. A first meet right before a fitting/shoot

If you are just meeting to meet and talk with the photographer and discuss the things you want to work on together, then dress nicely, but not too nice... dark jeans, a cute top, some cute jewelry and boots or sandals work well.... it doesnt need to be too busy, but the photographer needs to get a sense of your personality and what you are comfortable in.  Its also pretty much an interview and first impressions are a big deal - this is where a photographer will decide if he wants to work with you and on what shoots.  If you arrive late, or are dressed sloppy or in sweat pants, the photographer will be turned off and may not want to work with you at all... some come ready!

If you are meeting for the first time right before a fitting or a shoot... then its most likely b/c you dont live in the same town, and have been communicating on the phone or online.  If you are coming for a fitting of shoot, you still need to dress appropriately - this does not mean cut off shorts or sweat pants.... this means in something simple thats easy to get in and out of - usually a tank top or one-colored t shirt and jeans or simple shorts.  If you are trying things on, then you need to be able to get in and out of your clothes quickly - dont forget that a photographer's time is worth more than money, so if you take forever trying on clothes, you are cutting into your shoot.  Also, if you are coming for a shoot, you should have already discussed hair, makeup and shoes with the photographer and know already how much you need to do before you get there.

So.... even if a photographer decides to meet with you, or even to work with you, you need to come dressed appropriately for your first meeting.... this could make or break your shot to work with this photographer on a regular basis.

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