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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Megan and Christian, the wedding: Getting Ready - Columbus MS Photographer

Ok, back to Megan and Christian's wedding.... I absolutely love being there for the "getting ready" part of the day - when everyone is still nervous and excited and the energy is just buzzing... at this point, the rain had come in, so everyone was scrambling around trying to figure out how the day was going to go.... but really, everything turned out perfectly... :)

 Seriously, how cute is that?!
 Kat was such an amazing maid of honor and best friend... :)

 How gorgeous is this silhouette?!!

 Caught of few of Christian getting ready too.... finishing up his vows
 So handsome... :)

And a sweet brother/sister moment... arriving at the venue
 Megan gave her dad the handkerchief that I posted yesterday
 Have you ever seen anyone more proud?

More exciting wedding pictures to come.... this was one of my all time favorite weddings, so Im super excited to be sharing the pictures with you this week.

And thanks to all the well wishes from everyone on our daughter - that means so much!

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